Propane, Furnace Oil, Diesel Fuel and Gasoline
Bayshore is the only local company to offer all four!


We serve residential, commercial and agricultural customers throughout the county.

If you need it today you’ll get it today!



Propane is a popular source of energy for heating homes, providing hot water and the fuel to dry clothes.

Our customers tell us they appreciate that propane is clean and efficient.  Propane is an approved clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act. 

Propane has many uses beyond fueling your furnace, water heater and gas dryer.  Propane can also be used for fireplaces and home appliances like air conditioners.  It also has agricultural and industrial uses and is used in many commercial businesses. 

If you're currently heating your home, cooking, heating water or drying clothes using a different fuel source and would like to discuss the benefits of switching to propane we invite you to give us a call at 231-386-7181.



Furnace oil is a traditional source of energy used for heating homes and businesses.  Diesel oil powers engines around the world including most over-the-road trucks, excavating and farm equipment and ship engines.

Furnace oil has been used as a home heating fuel in Northern Michigan since people began switching from coal many years ago. 

Excavators and farmers depend on our diesel deliveries to keep their equipment running and many commercial and recreational boats that grace our harbors each summer use diesel fuel as well.

Furnace oil keeps many local home fires burning while diesel oil is a critical fuel for many local businesses.   To learn more about our oil delivery contact us at 231-386-7181.



Propane was first identified over 100 years ago.  Most of the propane used in the United States is produced in this country.  It's a byproduct of natural gas processing and petroleum refining.

Furnace Oil
Furnace oil in the United States is also called No. 2 heating oil, one of six fuel oil distillate designations - each with a different use.

Diesel Fuel
Diesel Fuel is the designation for liquid fuel used in diesel engines.   It's named for German scientist Rudolf Diesel who, in 1892, developed the compression-ignition engine.

Gasoline Including Rec 90
We deliver gasoline to farms, marinas and homes.  We carry 87 octane gasoline and Rec 90 non-ethanol 90 octane gasoline.